So…toasttt. I really wanted it to just be toast, but that was taken so here we are. Let’s all get caught up in 500 words or less – this is a new blog project for me. I have a food and photography blog that I worked on for about a year and a half that was really important to me (Always Add More Butter if you’re so inclined) but life got really messy in 2013 and for a lot of reasons I just can’t seem to get that voice back, so this is my new venture. I’ll be talking about movies, TV, books, music – basically anything I’m filling my head with these days. So that’s the plan. And who knows? Maybe I’ll throw a recipe in every once and awhile. We shall see.

Oh, and why toast? Because even though I can cook anything I set my mind to I still find toast to be the most perfect snack on planet Earth and it will forever and always be my favorite.

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