Days 3-5


Okokok I know I said I was going to try to write every day but when one is traveling cross country and renting Airbnbs, one never knows how reliable a Wifi signal there will be, does one? So we’re going to have to smush days 3-5 into this single glorious post and that’s that. Spotty wifi signals aside, I really have had some great times these last few days. As my mother (and quite frankly most people who know me) can attest, I frequently let it be known that I hate everyone. And by everyone I just mean people at large. I love a great many individual people but the group as a whole really is full of shitheads don’t you think? So when I meet a good one, I always try to make note and be grateful – my Airbnb host in Wyoming was one such individual. He was just an all around sweet and generous guy who let me watch the new episode of Game of Thrones on his nice big TV while he went upstairs and did something else so as not to ruin any plot points for himself since he is only smack dab in the middle of season 6. I mean, come on! He also offered to make me dinner if nothing in town was open since it was Easter Sunday which I certainly would have taken him up on had I not been able to stuff my face with a breakfast burrito at the little diner in town. I often wish that everyone would jump on the breakfast all day train but then I realize that this would destroy the spike of pure joy that occurs when you find an establishment that does it.


I’m pretty much as far as you can get from a horse person but this place was seriously the best. I did pet one horse but only under the supervision of Jim. Give me dogs and cats all day long, I know how to behave but horses? Best observed from a safe distance in my opinion.

The lead picture is of Devil’s Tower National Monument which you may remember from from when Richard Dreyfuss seemed like he was losing his marbles in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It was pretty cool and otherworldly in person, especially with the weather being as moody as it was that day – very alien encounters, Lord of the Rings-ish vibe happening up there.

Ok so now we’re on day 4, which started out with a meet up in Cody, Wyoming with my friend Kayla and her husband who just so happened to be hanging out there – a fact I discovered through the somewhat scary but ultimately useful tool of Instagram geotagging. Though I’m really all about this solo journey it was nice to see a familiar face, especially since we haven’t connected for something like 6 years. Just typing that out made me feel old…


After Cody was Yellowstone which was honestly a little overwhelming. Since it’s so early in the season I had to take the long way to get in the park (added Montana to my road trip list though so I’d consider that a win) and then it just sort of felt like a race against time to see things before it got too dark. I did manage to soak in quite a lot of the natural splendor but I didn’t take many pics because most of the time I was just driving around with my mouth open. There are quite literally bison every way you look, just hanging out and not giving one single fuck about cars or people. The fact that the whole place is littered with hot springs gave it an interesting misty feel throughout and reminded me a lot of Iceland – not necessarily the landscape but definitely the aromas of sulfur and brimstone.


I caught Old Faithful at just the right moment since I only had to wait about 15 minutes for it to go off whereas some of the people sitting there had been waiting for upwards of an hour. I liked how the park literature said “It’s not the biggest or the most regular geyser in the park but it IS the biggest regular geyser in the park.” That’s some slick salesperson type shit there. It’s the kind of thing I would say in my previous job so #respect to whoever came up with that delightful turn of phrase. Truthfully a lot of the day I was feeling pretty emotional about this whole journey, probably because for most of my drive through the park I had no signal thus no podcasts, audiobooks, or music to distract myself from my thoughts and feelings. Ugh, am I right?


After a really long day of stupid but necessary feelings and beautiful scenery I rolled up to my cozy little Airbnb cabin, ate a grocery store pre-made salad and crashed. Day 5 was one of the biggest surprises of the trip so far – Idaho is lovely you guys. Not to be rude but when planning my route for this great adventure I didn’t really give Idaho much thought. I truly thought it would just be a state to get through on my way to the pretty places but man was I wrong. And this is not something I say lightly but I truly think I could live in Boise. It was such a shockingly nice college town pretty much surrounded by mountains. I do think this opinion was helped by the fact that the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and all the trees and flowers had just bloomed but man, it was gorgeous.


I ended up driving 350 miles and walking another 5 miles through Boise once I got there so I was understandably pooped last night. Again, I had another real gem of a host for my Airbnb and the place itself was really cozy and inviting. I’ve been very lucky so far with all my choices of bunks for the night. To close up what I would consider to be a very condensed recap post I’d just like to say that though I still stand by the sentiment of this favorite of all favorite mugs, I have been really fortunate on this trip to meet some outstanding humans.


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