Day 2


Along with this foray back into blogging, I have also decided to embrace Instagram stories to document this trip – quite a leap for someone who has barely posted anything other than pictures of fresh baked goods on any social media platform in over 5 years.  I fully expected to wake up this morning wanting to delete last night’s post because even with the whole “gratitude moonbath” vibe I invoked I was still a little hesitant about writing again but all I felt this morning was excitement. Which was weird….but also pretty amazing.


It couldn’t have been a more beautiful day and in keeping with the miraculously unplanned great timing of this trip, all national parks had free admission today so I got to tool around the Badlands National Park for 3 hours at no charge! I wouldn’t have minded paying but it was a nice little surprise. Before I got there I stopped at the one and only Corn Palace in Mitchell which was cooler by far than I was expecting it to be and after the park I felt I had to check out Wall Drug since there are about 9 million billboards for it throughout the state.  Then it was on to Mount Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial and after all that it was all I could do to grab some takeout falafel and a gyro and crash in this quiet refurbished motel Airbnb. I do have pictures of all of that but even though I saw so much natural and manmade splendor today I found myself thinking about this dumb little picture more than once:


And yes of course I wish my cuticle didn’t look so dry but let’s all try to look past that please. I generally don’t put a lot of stock in fortune cookie wisdoms but I think there’s something to that one. These last few years I’ve really been trying to put in the work internally that needed to happen and now I feel like the next few years are going to be very, very external if that makes sense. Time to really try at something outside myself and see what happens. More on the big plans later, but here’s a few more pretty pics of the day because I’m pooped and the big thoughts aren’t forming into the words I know I’m capable of.



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