Day 1


Here’s something I’m trying out – what if I just say fuck all the dumb explaining crap? I changed my mind about blogging 5 years ago and now I’ve changed it back. And here’s why – I’ve got some things to say now. Or at least I think I will have some things to say about all the changes I’m making in 2019. And of course these aren’t just the regular old changes that everyone says they’re making every year like drinking more water and exercising and meditating (although I do think I should do all that and am honestly trying…) – I sold my house and most of my belongings and just today have embarked on a cross country road trip from Minnesota to California which will culminate in me putting my car on a boat and sending it to Hawaii where I will meet it 10 days later to start over in a wildly different new place. That’s a lot of info for one sentence fragment, I know. Again, I’m not going to do the whole explaining thing because it’s long and though not boring, just not super relevant any longer. I’m in it, I’m doing it, why harp on the past?

Today the moon is full and my cousin told me that this moon is called the “pink moon” which sounds supremely cute but is really just one of many names they call the April full moon – definitely cuter than fish moon, that’s for sure. But the reason she dropped that knowledge on me is actually relevant – the full moon is the time that the seeds you plant reach fruition and crystalize into permanent changes/improvements apparently. A wiser soul than me said that I should “embrace the energy she provides and know that I am held by her energy into this new chapter of my life.” I didn’t know that things would align this way when I was planning routes and booking Airbnbs over the last two weeks but here I am and I love it. So I’m sitting here in this cute little place in Sioux Falls waiting for the moon to rise so I can go outside, take a moonbath, and feel grateful and present in this moment, acknowledging the fact that it’s a privilege that I can take this time for myself to have this adventure.


2 responses to “Day 1

  1. Maggie, I am so excited that you are blogging again. And even more happy and excited for your new adventure! Love you bunches! Your Mama ❤️

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