Galapagos, Life of Pi, and Anthony Bourdain ALL DAY!


I remember the day Kurt Vonnegut died pretty clearly. I was a senior in college and an English major and the sadness in the department was pretty palpable. My focus in school was mostly on English literature of the Victorian period and in my non-scholarly reading I had somehow missed most of his work, so quite honestly I didn’t feel very affected. I remember several students crying and wearing black armbands even but I was struggling to feel the loss. Fast-forward to present day times and I finally feel like I get it now. He was pretty remarkable. I just finished reading Galapagos and I’m definitely going to be seeking out more of him to read in the future. I think I especially enjoyed this one because it’s got a pretty bleak outlook on humanity in general and that’s kind of where I’m at in terms of my worldview. Bitter and jaded, party of one, your table is ready.


For a little counterbalance I decided to re-read Life of Pi by Yann Martel. I read this way back in high school when it first came out in my Reading for Fun class (yes, we had a class called Reading for Fun. It was awesome. Be jealous) and I remember really enjoying it but I’m not quite certain I grasped everything it was about with my young little 16-year-old brain. Plus I watched the movie over Christmas and it made me curious about it again. If you haven’t seen it, it’s truly beautiful and I’d definitely recommend it.


And now, the main event. Over the last month or so, I have developed a serious crush on Anthony Bourdain. It all started with a copy of Kitchen Confidential that I found at Half-Price Books which made me remember the few episodes of No Reservations I happened to catch on the Discovery Channel when I was misbehaving and not watching sports or news while tending bar last summer at Karly’s. Sorry, not sorry Uncle Tim. Then I downloaded Medium Raw on Audible and listened to it while I ran my route for work. Then I found Parts Unknown (his newer CNN show) on Netflix. Then using some Amazon cards my dad gave me, I bought A Cook’s Tour and The Nasty Bits and got those in the mail the other day.


So…..yeah, I’m a little infatuated. And while I do think he’s pretty handsome (check this out – hachacha!), I mostly just dig the way he writes. It’s SUPER sexy. Call me a weirdo if you like (definitely wouldn’t be the first time) but I’ll take this silver fox over Anderson Cooper any day. He’s got a couple of mysteries too that I’ll probably check out some time over the summer. The love affair continues.

To keep the mood happy since I started out this one on a little bit of a maudlin note, today’s song is really cute and contains whistling, which I always love.

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