The trip home to MN last weekend was fruitful in many ways – I got to see a lot of people I really care about and spend good quality time with them, I came up with the bright idea for this blog, and I got my dad’s old Sony flatscreen and Apple TV! All in all, a pretty great trip. If you’ve never heard of it, Apple TV is pretty much the coolest thing ever. It’s this tiny little box that you plug into your TV and then you can watch Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and a bunch of other stuff on your TV, which frees your computer up for doing things like fake shopping on Etsy and endlessly scrolling Pinterest WHILE you watch the 30 Rock “Sandwich Day” episode for the 12th time. It’s amazing!

Since I got this superfun new toy, I’ve been putting it to good use by watching all three seasons of Girls on HBO Go. I’ve seen them before but they definitely merit a second watch. I’m just going to say this once and for all – I really admire Lena Dunham. I think she is a really talented and honest writer who isn’t afraid to create realistic and flawed characters. One of my favorite scenes in the whole series is the very first one in the pilot where her parents tell Hannah (Lena’s character) that they’re not going to support her financially anymore. Her complete shock and sense of entitlement is so hilarious and sad and it really sounds like something a spoiled only child would totally say.

I feel like Lena gets a lot of unfair criticism, but then again what talented artist doesn’t? Her responses to the criticisms are one of the things I really like about her as well. Here’s an interview she did with Grantland and while I know it’s long, I definitely think it’s worth watching. I just think that she is so well-spoken and smart and really interesting to listen to. Skip to 26:24 if you want to only hear her talk about the Girls backlash.

Having just watched all three seasons (although I watched them out of order – 2,3, then 1 for some reason) I can really appreciate the growth of the characters – especially Adam and Hannah. I think it’s safe to say that most people who have watched the show really don’t like Adam in the beginning, but almost everyone I know has grown to really love him by the end of season three. On the surface he seems like a sociopathic weirdo but the more we got to know of his character, it becomes obvious that he has very deep thoughts and emotions and those glimpses into his more vulnerable aspects are so worth waiting for. My feelings about Hannah fluctuate from episode to episode – normally I’m really rooting for her to succeed even though she can be such a narcissistic brat but sometimes the things she’s capable of doing still really surprise me. Like even though she and Adam are in this committed and kind of healthy relationship, she still lies to him in a big way at the end of “Dead Inside” and still pretty much manages to make everything (even the funeral of her editor) about her.



The season finale ended with Hannah getting into a very prestigious writing program and her boyfriend Adam debuting on Broadway in a revival of Shaw’s Major Barbara. Right before the opening night curtain, Hannah tells Adam about getting into this program, which will take her out of NYC for awhile. In her brain, she was sharing good news with her boyfriend and she thought he would just be happy for her and would see things just the way she saw them. She has this fantasy of them being a perfect “creative couple” and expects Adam to be totally on board with the idea, not taking into account his feelings about her going away or how that will affect his performance. So obviously after the play they have a fight about why she chose to tell him at that time and she truly doesn’t understand what she did wrong. Truthfully, when I first watched it I thought he was being kind of a dick and it took a conversation with one of my best friends where she explained exactly how selfish Hannah was being to try to make even a part of that night about her for me to really get it. Even though she was in the wrong, I love the fact that the last scene of the episode was Hannah clutching her acceptance letter and smiling. I like that even though her relationship might suffer, she’s not willing to give up on this chance. Conflicting emotions abound about her but that’s what makes her so interesting to watch.

So yeah, I think you should definitely watch this show. Like now. And if you’ve already watched it, I think a second viewing isn’t a bad idea at all. I picked up on a lot of things the second time around that I either didn’t notice on the first watch or didn’t give enough significance to in terms of the story. And thanks to Spotify (which I now feel I couldn’t live without) I’m going to share a cool new song to check out at the end of each post. Today it’s Shadow by Bleachers

The lead singer Jack Antonoff is actually Lena Dunham’s boyfriend so I’d say it’s the perfect song choice today. Enjoy!

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