Inception (of this idea, not the movie)


I know this is totally reprehensible but this whole idea came about after a wine-fueled trip down memory lane via a stack of old yearbooks with one of my best friends. Alcohol + reminiscing alone is usually a bad combination, but when done with someone you’ve known since you were four, that knows pretty much everything about you, it is shockingly fun. Ten years out of high school really gives you a new perspective on that “awesome quote” you chose to put under your senior picture or those “super-stylish overalls” you wore for your 7th grade photo. Fun times.

I don’t know how common it is, but in our yearbook there’s a section called “In 20 Years” for the seniors, where you write what you think you’ll be doing twenty years out of high school. Whoever came up with this idea wins a gold star in emotional torture for suresies. Everyone thinks they’re going to marry their high school love and have a few kids, have a dream job, a beautiful home, etc etc. Thankfully, I didn’t write anything like that. I made some joke about my high school waitressing job being crappy (a thoughtless quip which got me banned from there for life) and said something about writing movie reviews and getting paid to eat popcorn and candy on the daily. All in all, not that embarrassing. This will surprise no one who knows me, but I’ve never been sad about not being able to patronize that restaurant. I have been sad about not writing very much in these last few months though. Once I got into the swing of things with my old blog, I truly loved it. The whole process of baking, cooking, photography, writing, figuring out the mechanics of WordPress and how to make things look the way I wanted them – it was all very fulfilling creatively. But then things in my actual life took a real turn that made my internet life come to an abrupt halt. I’ve done a few posts in the last few months but I just can’t get that voice back. Things are too different. I’m too different. Deep down I knew I needed something new but it was really hard to let go of the old. I’m ready now though. On the long drive back from home, this little baby was borned.

This blog will be different in that I’m mostly going to write about everything I’m reading, watching, or listening to. I’m going to write about all the different stories I’m hearing every day. I realized sometime in the last year that being told a story, in whatever form, is really my favorite thing. Above cooking, above baking, and yes, even above toast. Stories are what drive me in this life. And when I find a good one, I want to share it. I want to make sure that as many people know about it as possible because everything that happened in the last year made me realize how much I was missing out on willfully by not branching out from my comfort zone. So we’re going to do it all – books, movies, TV, music, radio, fiction, non-fiction, whatever. Cliche as it may be, it’s totally true – Go big or go home.


7 responses to “Inception (of this idea, not the movie)

  1. Looking forward to reading all those interesting stories. But please also post about your food accomplishments, I love reading about those too.

  2. Maggie
    Do your Dad a favor and write about what you thought of the people you met on Sunday and what we did!
    I love the way you write
    Love you

  3. I’m so excited you found the voice you want and have a way to express your quirky beautiful and talented mind. Love ya!

  4. Remember when you retold the entire Twilight Saga to me over crappy dinner in the Dells….now THATS storytelling!

    PS-your Dad is the berries.

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